Read Ethan's Story

Ethan Walker is currently in his second year of the BA (Hons) Applied Music and is enrolled at our North Highland College UHI Alness campus.

"I had offers from other universities however the BA (Hons) Applied Music allowed me to have incredible musical connections all around Scotland which no other university could offer. On top of this, the course has multiple chances for students to travel the world and learn about music.

The opportunities this course has to offer was definitely what made this one right for me. Being able to stay in my local area allowed me to continue working, which means I could save up for the amount of travelling this course offers."

How do you feel your studies will help you in your career progression?

"Personally, I would love to become a music teacher in my old school, Alness Academy. Hopefully within a few years that will become possible. I would love to be able to develop programmes within the school that they currently do not offer, such as music production.

Like it says in the title, on this course you learn to apply your musical ability to any kind of situation. I came into the course as a rock/blues guitarist, however, I now find myself playing with accordions and fiddles. I believe that applying this skill to a high school environment is key for different teaching styles, as not everyone learns the same."