Read Duncan's Story

Duncan Foxley is currently in his second year of the BA (Hons) Scottish History and Archaeology based at our Orkney College UHI campus.

"I did consider other universities however I chose to study here because of my deep interest in the history of the Highlands and Islands. As a native Gaelic speaker, I had always wanted to know more about the area, past the romanticised popular views, and explore Highland history from the Gaels’ own perspective, and be able to compare that against archaeological evidence. The links between Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI, the university's Centre for History and Archaeology Institute seemed the perfect place to pursue this.

The university has a great support network. With a low student to staff ratio, feedback is in-depth and tutors are great at making themselves available to discuss aspects of the course. My experience with the PAT system has been excellent, my tutor has provided me with a lot of good advice and has explained the workings of the university process when needed."

How do you feel your studies will help you in your career progression?

"I think that the focus on practical knowledge at the Archaeology Institute will help me join a commercial unit and has already allowed me to join in on digs outside of the university."

Best thing about living in the Highlands and Islands?

Good craic, good whisky and good views!