Read Amber's Story

Amber King graduated with a first class honours degree in Visual Communication and Design this year and has started her own graphic design business, Amber King Graphic Design.

"I loved my first year so much, I didn't feel like I needed to move away from the Highlands to get the experience I wanted. I stayed on at the university for 4 years to gain my honours degree. I met some amazing people, had the most inspirational tutors and got to study at an absolutely stunning campus. I worked hard and focussed all of my energy into getting everything I could out of my time at university.

I feel honoured to have worked with my fellow students and tutors, particularly Rachel Burgess, who taught me to work to my strengths and that perseverance and hard work really does pay off. She always believed in all of her students and pushed me to be the very best version of myself, to which I will always be thankful. I left with a feeling of overwhelming confidence."

What have you been up to since graduation?

"My small class project became the start of my future career! After launching my website I started gathering clients and it has just grown from there. I am very proud of the portfolio and client base I have developed while still studying at university."

Amber studied at our Inverness College UHI campus.